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it's been a couple of days since valentine's day passed but i've been meaning to write a post about it.

i think people put too much effort and emphasis on this day. i would rather be loved and be sure of that love every day from my significant other than receive a gift on just one day that everyone else also follows.

the writer of a nytimes opinion article says, 
Valentine’s Day is the one day when a present ought to express adoration. Valentine’s Day is for special gifts of intimacy. 

but why should that be? i think v day just encourages people to spend more when they can't afford to do so after all that gift-giving for christmas.

i agree with her on this though. 

A true gift never belongs entirely to the giver or the receiver. It remains in a place between them like a meaningful conversation or a kiss. And it can stay there permanently. 

As Heidegger said, gifts are not given or owned, but rather shared.

i like giving gifts to those i love. i'm spending money so that the receivers will feel happy from the gifts that i give them when i could've spent that money on me. i would rather give whenver i feel instead of expending all my lovey feelings on just one day a year.
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